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Church Policies


 Sexual Misconduct Policy 

The Alliance Canada is committed to creating and ensuring safe environments for worship, witness, and work, free from sexual misconduct and will not tolerate sexual misconduct in any form including sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and child abuse by its licensed workers, (non-licensed) employees, contract workers, or volunteers in service to or with The Alliance Canada, its churches, congregations, districts, institutions, agencies, organizations, or other bodies that operate under its name. To make a complaint regarding sexual misconduct where a real or perceived differential in power or authority is involved, please go to

 Photography & Videography Policy 

While on Campus (including The Gate Alliance Church) photography and video recording may be in progress while you are on premise and entry into the Campus grounds and facility signifies your release and consent to the possibility that your image may be used by The Gate Alliance Church for communication purposes.

 Speeding Policy 

While driving a motorized vehicle on Gate Campus grounds, all vehicles are to observe and adhere to the 15km/hr speed limit. As a multi-use Campus, at any given time there are persons on Campus grounds that could be severely injured due to a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed coming into contact with a person. This includes many children and seniors that are on Campus that may not be able to see, hear and move out of the way in time to avoid being hit by a vehicle. For the safety of all persons on Campus, the below Speeding Policy has been put into place as a means from education to enforcement. The Gate Campus is private property and as such as directed by Niagara Regional Police, The Gate Campus has the authority to create and enforce this policy.



- Driver will be made aware of posted signs advising of the speed limit (there are several throughout the Campus, including two large 3'x3' signs)

- Driver will be informed that there are persons located on premise at any given time and thus the importance of adhering to the 15/km/hr limit.

- Driver will be provided with a card advising them of our policy with a web link to review the policy

- Driver's license plate will be recorded along with date/time of occurrence



- Driver will be be advised this is the second observing of their vehicle driving at a high rate of speed while on Campus

- Driver will be advised that they risk being suspended from driving on the Campus grounds

- This will be an official warning - license plate along with date/time of occurrence to be recorded



- Driver will be advised this is their 3rd speeding occurrence observed

- Driver will be advised that they risk being banned from driving on the Campus grounds

- This will be an official warning - license plate along with date/time of occurrence to be recorded

- Driver will be contacted and be advised of a 30 day suspension from driving on Campus grounds


4th : BAN

- Driver will be advised they will be receiving a letter from the Board advising them that they are banned from driving on Campus grounds for 1 year. They are asked to leave the Campus immediately.

- Letter will state that should they not comply, police will be called to enforce a trespass charge.



- If after being banned a driver returns (after 1 yr) and is found speeding once again, they are permanently banned from driving on Campus grounds as they have no regard for the safety and well-being of our residents, tenants and guests.

 Parking Policy 

There is ample parking available to all tenants, residents and guests of The Gate Campus. Please reference the below map as to suitable parking based on your entry doors.

• Park in the GREEN sections.

• DO NOT Park in the RED sections.

• Unless you have a valid Gate Campus Parking Permit, DO NOT PARK in the Reserved Parking sections. If you park in the Reserved Parking sections, you will be ticketed by Niagara By-law Enforcement. They conduct random patrols of the Campus and have been authorized to ticket parking violations.

• Unless you have a valid Handicap Permit DO NOT PARK in the designated parking places for people that require to use. These spots are NOT drop-off or pick-up spots. Niagara By-law Enforcement or Niagara Regional Police will be called to attend to a vehicle parked without a valid permit. There are 6 designated Handicap parking spaces at The Gate Campus.

• Should you have a valid Handicap permit, please be sure to reference Niagara Region By-law when it pertains to the proper use of parking in a Handicap parking space in Niagara Falls. A permit requires the holder to be aware of proper use in the region they are parking.

• DO NOT Park in the Fire Lane.

• DO NOT Park near fire hydrants.

• DO NOT Park in a manner in which you block access to doors of the Campus or storage sheds.

• There is NO OVERNIGHT Parking other than for Residents that have a valid Gate Campus Parking Permit.


 Smoking Policy 

The Gate Campus is a smoke free / vape free building. There are three outdoor areas that smoking is permitted while on Campus. Niagara By-law Enforcement, Tobacco Control Officers and Niagara Regional Police have been given authority to enforce the laws and by-laws inside and outside our Campus. This enforcement has been implemented for the safety and enjoyment of all persons while on The Gate Campus.

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