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Core Values


We are committed to:

 The Glory of the Triune God 
We love Him wholeheartedly, worship Him sincerely and seek passionately to complete the work
He has given us to do.

 The Authority of the Bible 

We adhere to our statement of faith as a summary of key truths from the Bible that we agree on
as a family of churches. We affirm the ministries of preaching and teaching in order to understand, obey,
and apply the Bible to our faith and practice.


 Christ-centered Living 

We lead believers into the fullness of the Spirit and faith in the all-sufficient Christ for healing
and power to live holy lives of service.


 The Church 

We love the Church universal and seek to plant and nurture healthy, transformational local
churches as the means of building Christ’s Kingdom and nurturing individual Christians. We minister on the
basis of spiritual giftedness as essential to divine power and effectiveness. We encourage dynamic
creativity resulting in diverse congregational composition, language, and organizational structures in order
to fulfill Christ’s desire to reach all people.


 Lost People 

We allocate a disproportionately large amount of energy and resources to reaching lost people,
discipling them to maturity in, and devotion to, Christ.



We give priority to world evangelization. We give priority in our missionary activity to
evangelizing those people who have had the least opportunity to hear the Gospel, thus expediting the
return of Christ.


We intentionally identify and train godly leaders. We affirm and empower our pastors, other
credentialed workers, and lay leaders, esteeming them highly in the Lord.


 Strategic Cooperation 

We serve each other with humility and compassion. We create strategies, structures, and
policies that enhance local initiative and maximize cooperation in the accomplishment of our purpose. We
develop strategic partnerships with those of like-minded message, mission, passion, and purpose.


 Social Responsibility 
We uphold biblical justice. We minister to the poor and oppressed as ministry to Jesus Himself.
We encourage and strengthen marriages and families.



We view all our resources and possessions as God-owned and we use them with integrity,
accountability, and maximum effectiveness. We embrace faithfulness and sacrifice in the advance of
Christ’s Kingdom.


We do nothing until we pray.

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