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Always a place for you.


The Abide Cafe is a space where our community can come together to get to know one another while enjoying a cup of coffee and fresh baked goodies.

The Cafe is a casual space to meet with your friends and create new beginnings. Our doors are open to you, your family and friends - you are our community and we look forward to serving you.

There is also a large selection of reading resources available and board games to play.

Private Function Rentals


The Abide Cafe is available for Private Function rentals for your group of 15 or more persons.

In addition to the large seating area for up to 120 persons, there is a kitchen available as well as an outdoor flower garden area which is perfect for photos with your family or group.

Liquor Licenses are not permitted. Certain restrictions apply pertaining to what may be prepared in the kitchen. Please contact the Rental Coordinator for more information.

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