Deb Nanson

1960 - 2019


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Letter from Pastor Mark

I miss Deb very much. I also know I am not the only one. She inspired me so much in doing the work of Jesus. What she taught me about compassionate ministries wasn’t something I could have learned in school. It took Deb bringing me to the people and to the places where compassion was needed. 


At our staff meeting this week we took time to go around the table and share some of the meaningful life lessons Deb had modeled for us.


a. She was very unselfish. We witness her giving away resources, many times her own, to those who had sincere need.


b. Work through tiredness. Though she was struggling with cancer and would be very tired, she kept going. She could have gave up the cause, and no one would have blamed her for a moment, but she didn’t. She worked right up to the end accomplishing what she believed to be so important. 


c. When she saw a need she didn’t wait until tomorrow to meet it, she would try to meet it then and there.


d. Sincere compassion. Her compassion was the real thing.


e. Non judgmental. When people came to her broken, Deb sought to speak to them as a person of value. She also gave them hope.


f. Lots of faith. We witness how her faith in Jesus Christ grew. She was even baptized in recent months. She described herself on her Facebook page as “A Warrior For Jesus Christ”. 


g. She was real and transparent. Deb didn’t pretend to be something she was not. She was real and authentic.


h. Deb was grateful. She did not feel entitled, instead she felt enriched. 


We love you Deb. We are so grateful that Jesus has you now but we are struggling in adjusting to life without you here with us.


Pastor Mark

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